"The Kittens"
Season 1, Episode 1
Production code: 101-001
Airdate: December 20, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale
Kent Osborne
Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Tom Herpich
Steve Wolfhard
"Cake & Kittens"


Cake moves in with Lord Monochromicorn after she gives birth to their offspring, but finds difficulties in figuring out how to be a mom.


BMO and Fionna are walking to Lord Monochromicorn's barn after receiving word of the newly born kittens. They walk in, and Cake introduces them to all five of the pups, Jesse, Mo-Chro Jr., Waffles, Dulcimer, and Do T. After the kittens play with Fionna and BMO for a while, Cake tells the pair that now that she has the kittens to take care of, and she cannot really play with them anymore. Fionna acknowledges Cake's new responsibility and leaves with BMO, who runs back at the last second to play with the kittens for a short amount of time.

That night, Cake stays awake for she feels something will happen to the kittens. Eventually, she gets up and goes to make Lord Monochromicorn and the kittens french toast with the help of the holo-message his mom had, but soon becomes distracted when he notices that the kittens are not moving. Frantically, she asks the holo-message what it means when the kittens are not moving, to which it replies that they are dead. Cake freaks out and wakes them up.

The next day, Cake then reads them the story of the Baby Eating Fox and the Babies, but upon realizing that it's a violent book about a fox eating babies, she throws the book outside and decides to take them for a walk. Then, a scene is shown where foxes outside Lord's house plan to eat the pups after one of them finds the book. As Cake and the kittens walk, Cake shoots down every attempt that they make to have fun for fear that they will get hurt. Tired from intense worrying and lack of sleep, eventually, Cake falls asleep and the kittens run off.

When Cake awakes, she sees the puppies having fun and she quickly tries to get them under control, but eventually she falls back asleep. Lord Monochromicorn then calls the kittens in an attempt to ease some of Cake's stress. When they get to the barn, the foxes come out and, after a short discussion, decide Cake is a baby and conclude they want to eat her.

Seeing this, the kittens go to help Cake, who is too tired to fight back. Though Cake advises against it, the kittens decide to help anyway. When Mo-Chro Jr. tells her that the holo-message was a piece of junk, Cake has a flashback about she and his father confronting a cobra that had jumped out of a policeman's boom box. She recalls that she herself said that the holo-message was a piece of junk and used his stretchy powers to smack the cobra away. Together, the kittens and Cake form Super Kitten and utilize their enhanced Monochromicorn powers to scare the foxes away.

After this, Cake is shown returning home, declaring that she will stay with Fionna and BMO. She then comments that the Monochromicorns grow fast and that Do T already has a beard, much to Fionna's amazement. The episode then closes with Jake saying he had left all his stuff at the Tree Fort anyway.


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