Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee Day Time
Name Marshall Lee
Sex Male
Biological age 18-mid 20s
Actual age 1003
Species Vampire-Demon
Occupation Vampire King/Heir to Nightosphere
Introduced in "The Vampire King"
Latest appearance Donald Glover
Voiced by Olivia Olson

Marshall Lee, the Vampire King/Heir to Nightosphere (full name: Marshall Lee Abadeer) is one of the main characters in Adventure Time and a vampire that is over a millennium old. During Fionna and Cake's first encounters with him, he requests that they leave wherever they are as long as the areas belong to him. Though initially an enemy to them, he quickly becomes one of Fionna and Cake's closest friends.


Marshall Lee has a slim body, an average height, black hair, and light gray skin. He is wearing a red plaid shirt with gray stripes, dark blue jeans, and brownish-red and white sneakers.His physical appearance is that of a typical late teenager or a young adul he looks about the age of 18.