"Croak Dream"
Season 0, Episode 8
Production code: 100-008
Airdate: August 22, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Mark Banker
Patrick McHale
Kent Osborne
Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Tom Herpich
Bert Youn
"Five Short Graybles"
"My Story"


Fionna tries to stop Cake from embracing a dream that she believes foretells her final demise.


Cake has a Croak Dream involving a rocket ship and a Banana Woman in space. She runs out of air after holding her breath too long and sees the Cosmic Owl. After she wakes up and tells Fionna about the dream, they hear someone knocking on the door. Fionna looks out the window and sees the Banana Woman. Fionna freaks out and throws Cake behind a large container, and hides there with Cake and tells her that the Banana Woman is there. Fionna looks outside again to see what she's doing. They decide to follow her to her house after she begins to walk away from the Tree Fort, and across the Grass Lands. They get to his house and go up to the Banana Woman's window when she walks into her house. They see her turn on the T.V. and put on a helmet just like the one seen by Cake in his dream. She starts to dance along to what was on. Fionna pulls out a crossbow and an arrow from her backpack, and uses some type of friction that creates fire when you rub your hands together, and blow in between your hands and small flames form. This sets the arrow on fire. After firing arrows at her to try to scare her away, the arrow that they used flies into the back of her home, and when Fionna and Cake go there to get it they find her rocket ship in her backyard. Cake tries to ride it, despite Fionna trying to convince her not to, because she says it's her destiny. The Banana Woman walks into the backyard (holding glass, which was probably for the window) and sees them fighting on the floor. The rocket fails to launch since it didn't have enough dynamite to blast off. The Banana Woman drops her plate on glass on the ground, shattering it (in its own cutaway,) which in conjunction with the windowless vessel featured in the croak dream suggests that Fionna's attempt to avert Cake's fate might actually have sealed it. When the ship lands on the ground it creates a hole, which Cake, Fionna, and the Banana Womaan fall into. They fall into a pool of water which re-creates Cake's dream, only Finn is there so the Croak Dream does not come true. They find out that the Banana Woman only wanted to borrow some sugar. After that, Cake then says that her Croak Dream wasn't real; unless she didn't die since Fionna was with her this time, meaning it was destined to happen again. The episode ends with Fionna running after Cake, so that her Croak Dream would never come true. In the final scene, The Banana Woman starts dancing along.


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