Cake 001
Name Cake
Sex Female
Age 28 (in magical cat years)
Species Human
Occupation Heroine
Relatives Fionna (Adoptive sister)

Ice Queen (possible former owner)[1]

Introduced in Animated short
Voiced by Roz Ryan

Cake (full title: Cake the Cat), the deuteragonist of Adventure Time, is a magical cat and Fionna's constant companion, best friend, and adoptive sistet. Cake has Stretchy Powers (which he has had since she was a kitten), which allow her to stretch and manipulate her body, coming in handy on innumerable occasions throughout hwe and Fionna's adventures. Cake is 28 in magical cat years, though she rarely acts mature. Then again, how exactly magical cat years correlate to human years remains to be seen. Both he and his boyfriend, Lord Monochromicorn, share a passion for playing the viola. In the episode "The Kittens," she and Lord Monochromicorn have 5 monochromicorn-cat hybrid kittens.


She has white eyes in which the black pupils become circular if surprised, excited, shocked, or scared. She has a cat muzzle and a small nose, cat ears, white fur with many coffee colored spots, and a large bushy tail. When Fionna and Cake race Prince Gumball, when Cake runs up the mountain, she has claws on her front paws. In the Fionna and Cake miniseries, Cake's eyes will go back to her original prototype blue color.[2]

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