Banana Woman
Banana Man
Name Banana Woman
Sex Female
Species Banana
Introduced in "Croak Dream
Voiced by Weird Al Yankovic

The Banana Woman is a character in Adventure Time. Her first appearence is in the episode "Croak Dream."

The Banana Woman is responsible for building a rocket ship which is similar to the one in Cake's croak dream. She traveled to the Tree Fort to borrow some sugar, but Fionna misinterpreted her presence as a threat and never answered the door. Walking back to her geodesic dome home, she is seen dancing to an exercise tape. She performs the routine again at the end of the episode.

Fionna tries two times to shoot her with her crossbow. The flaming arrow then flies over the house, and they find a half-built spaceship. Cake then uses the arrow to light some dynamite in the rocket. The Banana Woman comes out and says that there is not enough for the rocket to work. The dynamite blows a hole in the ground, and all three fall in. They survive the fall, but end up in a pool of water. Cake believes that she and Banana Woman will run into one another later in life. Banana Woman's rocket ship destroyed and it lies in an underground cave] full of water, which made a resemblance to Cake's croak dream in space.


She looks like a banana cut in half with a banana peel as a shirt-like covering. She has a peel, yellow face, arms, and legs. Her pupils are black while her shoes are brown. She sometimes wears a glass bowl on her head, like an astronaut's helmet.


The Banana Woman is interested in outer space. She wanted to take herrocket into space, but Fionna and Cake probably ruined Banana Woman's chances of doing that in "Croak Dream" when they crashed her rocket. The Banana Woman also likes to workout while watching instructional fitness videos on his TV.