"Animated short"
Season 0, Episode 1
Production code: 111-001
Airdate: August 8, 2013
Director: Larry Leichliter
Hugo Morales
Pendleton Ward
Story: Pendleton Ward
Written &
storyboarded by:
Pendleton Ward
"The Vampire King"

The original Adventure Time animated short (itself titled "Adventure Time") was originally created as part of Frederator Studios Random! Cartoons on Nicktoons Network. Note that while some sources give an official airdate of December 7, 2008, the short actually was made in 2006 and became an internet viral video in 2007.[1]


Prince Gumball is captured by the Ice Queen, and it's now up to Fiona and Cake to save him.


(Note: In the original short, Fionna is named Fiona.) Fiona is sleeping under a tree in a sleeping bag when she wakes up and asks Cake what she's doing. Cake tells Fiona she is meditating to connect her mind to the internet. Then she shows Fiona a dance she "downloaded." Just then, Prince Gumball's monochromicorn, Lord Monochromicorn, flies by really angry. Cake grows and the two follow monochromicorn. Fiona tells her a joke to cheer him up, but it turns into a failure and he just keeps on crying.

They follow him into the Ice Kingdom where Ice Queen starts shooting at Lord Monochromicorn with frozen lightning bolts. Fiona says that Ice Queen is an oxymoron and Cake shrinks. Cake sees that Ice Queen has trapped Prince Gumball. After Fiona puts on a turtle-neck sweater, she asks Cake if she wants her booties and gives them to her. Fiona and Cake yell "Adventure Time!," then jump, slide onto the ice and surf on Penguins. They land into the ice, but they spotted an Iceclops. After they throw snowballs at it, they spot a Snow Golem and they throw snowballs at it as well. Then they see a Fire Elemental who asks for directions to the sun. Fionna gives the directions, then throws a snowball at the Elemental. This makes her upset so he asks how old they are. Fiona says that she's twelve and Cake says he's twenty-eight.

They then hear an evil laugh and they look up to see Ice Queen. Cake stretches her legs to boost Fiona up to Ice Queen. Fiona tells her to stop it and Ice Queen tells her to stop meddling and that Fiona and her cat can't harm her. Fiona says that Cake is not his cat but her friend, and then kicks Ice Queen into her house and cave, where there was a drum set and a pair of underwear. They kung fu fight as Cake flirts with Monochromicorn. Fiona asks Ice Queen why she's always stealing guys. Ice Queen replies that she's going to make one marry her. Fionna says that the queen's idea is stupid, and Ice Queen says Fionna's hat is stupid. Fiona gets mad and kicks her in the face as she screams the highly known words: "My hat is AWESOME!!!." Then he realizes that Cake is not helping her, so she looks out to see her talking to the Monochromicorn.

Ice Queen uses hwe frozen lightning bolts to freeze Fiona in a block of ice. Then, hwe mind gets transported back in time and onto Mars, where he meets Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln tells Fiona that she needs to believe in herself. Fiona screams "NEVER!!!" as her mind is transported back to the present and breaks out of the ice block. She sees Ice Queen fly away with Prince Gumball who yells for them to help him. Monochromicorn, Fiona, and Cake chase after Ice Queen. Fiona jumps and grabs the prince as they land on Monochromicorn. Then Cake knocks the crown off of Ice Queen's head and Ice Queen falls to the ground. Cake walks away on her outstretched legs.

Fiona and the prince land as Fiona tells him that he is free. The prince kisses and thanks Fiona. Cake comes and asks what is going on and Fiona says nothing is. Embarrassed, Fiona drags Cake away and says that they have stuff to do. Cake denies it and says that they have nowhere to go. Fiona laughs and says that "adventure awaits."Cake says that she doesn't see an adventure going on anywhere and that they should just sit there and talk about their feelings. Fiona randomly points at three Ninjas stealing an Old Lady's diamonds. She says bye to the prince and the prince bids farewell. Fiona and Cake say "Adventure Time!" again and they run off.


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